All women are invited to attend our monthly meetings. They are held at 10:00am in the parlor.
Braille Bibles
Braille Bibles have been made here at St. Andrews for many years.
Youth Info
We have a youth group that meet to have fun.
Sunday School
We have a Sunday School program that is growing and learning about God and the Lutheran Church.
Outreach Ministry supports the mission of St. Andrew Lutheran Church
Our high school youth group is second to none. You are welcome to join us any Sunday.
Bible Study
Available Monday mornings. Don't miss bible study with Pastor Willard.
Sunday Morning
Adult Bible Study

Please join us at 9:45 in the parlor on Sunday mornings. Our Bible Study includes both video and group discussion.  Please see our summer schedule for more details

We’re pretty informal at St Andrew Lutheran Church.

Most of our people generally wear pretty casual attire (think Jeans, Khakis, and Polo Shirts).  Some people are a little more formal…some a little less formal.  Our general thought process when it comes to clothing is wear what you feel like wearing.  If you want to wear a suit and tie, go right ahead.  If you feel like wearing shorts and flip-flops, you’ll be comfortable at St Andrew too.  We care about the people who come to our church, not the clothes they wear.